How to get free products without spending money?

How to get free products without spending money?

Hi Readers, In this post, I am going to tell you about another app(if you haven’t seen my first post on this) through which you can get free products, paid subscription,s and much more absolutely free.

This app is 100% legit, and I have already used it for more than one year. So don’t think that you are going to install another shit app to waste your phone’s memory and your valuable time too!
So let’s get started 😉

First of all, you need to download the app.

After installing the app, just open it and register on it with all the details; it’s asking.

Now please read all the instructions carefully so that you can understand how this app works.

Use the code saurav5swv (copy and paste) to get free five coins.

You can to the Bazaar section and view all the rewards available, and you can avail if you have enough coins.

Proof of my free products from this app

topkatech free leaf earplug
Here is proof pic of the product that i redeemed for free

Some best offers available

topkatech free photo book
Free Photo Book
free gaana 3 months subscription topkatech
Free Gaana 3 months subscription and one-month Storytel
free BTWIN bicycle topkatech
Free BTWIN Bicycle (All redeemed… will back soon)
rs800 off on type c cable topkatech
Rs.800 off on type c charger


These are just a few screenshots of the items available in the app, but there are much more in this app that I just showed you. You have heard of the apps that provide products at a discounted price, but they are not free. But in this app, you can get them for free. I have seen them giving free bicycles, iPhone, headphones, earplugs, Smartwatch and much more that I can’t recall all at once. From my side this app really worth using for as it also doesn’t need more than 10 minutes a day.

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