PUBG Mobile May Come in India with Diwali Campaign, Indian Servers and a new Publisher

PUBG Mobile May Come in India with Diwali Campaign, Indian Servers and a new Publisher

PUBG Mobile soon return in India, says a new report. The report comes day after Tencent Games put the Final nail in the coffin for the PUBG Mobile by suspending India servers. While the Tencent move made the PUBG Mobile ban in India, sort of, final, it also offered closure to the entire saga so the game can be rebooted in India.

The talk on rebooting of the game and bringing PUBG Mobile back to India is going on for a while. It involves finding a brand new game distributor now that Tencent is out of the image. The original rights of the game are held by a Korean company is finding ways to bring PUBG back in India.

A report bt TechCrunch notes that the relaunch preparations for PUBG Mobile in India have already started and that soon there might be a Diwali campaign to popularise the game. The report also says that currently, the owner of PUBG IP is looking to set-up India specific servers which will make sure of the government concern round the data and privacy of India users.

Back in September, the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile, citing security issues, together with a number of other Chinese apps. While this led to the game was finally shuttered down in India after Tencent Games switched off its India servers.

At the same time, Tencent announced that it was giving back its publishing rights for PUBG Mobile for India to its original South Korea- based creator.

That marked the ultimate goodbye that an oversized fraction of India’s gamer community bid to the favored PUBG Mobile. India was 175 million installations, which is 24 per cent of the entire global installations, according to the survey firm SensorTower. PUBG Mobile was ranking in an exceedingly whopping Rs 50 crore per month from India last year, according to Entrackr.

While the most recent report is good news for Indian gamers and PUBG Corporation, it casts a shadow on the longer term of several indigenous games that are on the verge of their official entry into India’s gaming market. One such candidate is FAU-G, which is being developed by nCore Games that’s funded by Goqii’s Vishal Gondal. Although FAU-G makers have said the game isn’t trying to switch PUBG Mobile but create its own space, it’s more or less supported the identical first-person shooter gameplay. A recent teaser showed off avatars of Indian soldiers dropping from the sky to fight off intruders with weapons, including guns.

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